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Check out our new online store where you can by just about anything you would

find in any head shop plus more. If you don't live close, have a hard time getting around

or just like to keep private. We understand privicy and struggles thats why we made an online

Nuggy's Tobacco Shack store where you can still find all the good and funs that you whould

ever need from any head shop. You will still find our hand blown glass pipes on nuggys.net

and all other products that we carry at our home front (beside tobacco sorry).

Welcome to Nuggy's Tobacco Shack

 Check out our new online store through Amazon and Etsy.

The Official Home of Nuggy's Glass! 

At Nuggy's hand blown glass is not our only specialty. We also specialize in customer service!

stop in and check out everything we have to offer, and enjoy the clean, fun, and  friendly environment

While you shop for your favorite smoking products. there is  something for everyone here at Nuggy's, but if you don't see your favorite tobacco products  just ask and we may be able to find it for you.

The glass pipes that Nuggy's offer are made out of the best quality glass. This allows us to

provide the best hand blown glass pipes to our customers.
Check out our new online stores through Amazon and Etsy.

Where still currently adding new stuff as often as possible. There will be many glass pipes listed at our

Amazon and Etsy store that will not be not be displayed at our Nuggy's store front in Escanaba, Delta County,

 Michigan, The Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our Glass pipes being sold on Amazon and Etsy are the same

quality of glass that you will find in our stores. We just figured we had the inventory of pipes and not

enough space to display them here so this was the next best option. Click the links underneath.





Tobacco, Pipes, Wooden Pipes, Pipe Cleaners
We carry a wide variety of tobacco products.

  • cigarettes and cigarette rolling supplies
  • cigars and cigar accesories
  • pipe tobacco, glass pipes, wood pipes
  • stone pipes, metal pipes, and pipes related products
  • hookah pipes, hookah tobacco and accesories
  • chewing tobacco, dry snuff, and other smoke free alternatives

Everyone here at Nuggy's is looking forward to helping you any way we can If you are haveing a hard time finding your favorite tobacco product just ask we will be more than willing to see if we can get it for you. so stop on in and see us or use the contact us page to send us any question you might have.  Feel free to check out all of our other  products and services and learn more about us 

Here in Escanaba, U.P., Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Nuggy's head shop provides

the best hand blown glass ornaments, glass pipes, water pipes, chilum pipes, spoon pipes, Sherlock pipes. U.P., Upper Peninsula has some of the most beautiful nature scenic trails, roads, and camping areas. Come on in and check out everything that Nuggy's head shop has to offer; from glass ornaments to some of the finest glass pipes, glass pipe, glass chiliums and glass water pipes all right here in Upper Peninsula, Escanaba, Michigan. Escanaba, Upper Peninsula is the home of Nuggy's Tobacco Shack since 2010. Best head shop in the U.P.. The U.P., Upper Peninsula has not only great scenery but has the perfect places for outdoors sports and a warm welcoming head shop.

now open

Our new glass blowing studio is now open in Escanaba, Delta County, Upper Peninsula, Michigan.  It is open and visable to the public right next door at 1711 ludington st in Escanaba. Take a stop and watch the skill and care that gets put into each glass pipe and nic-nac. It is incredible to watch each raw piece of glass become something special, before your eyes right here in the Upper Peninsula, Escanaba. Click the Google link to check it out on Google Map.

Our new Nuggy's online store has everything you need with-in any head shop. Don't want to show you face in public, we understand privacy so we made an online store (nuggys.com). Shop anytime, anywhere. All our hand blown glass made here at Nuggy's Tobacco Shack, Escanaba, U.P., Upper Peninsula, Michigan will also be on Nuggy's online store. Glass pipes, water pipes, chilliums pipes, Sherlock pipes, spoon pipes, Sherlock bubblier and more!!!!

You will not believe the wide variety of hand blown crafted glass pipes we have to offer right here at Nuggy's in Escanaba, Delta County, Upper Peninsula, Michigan. We have a large variety of styles, colors and sizes of glass pipes, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to look through them all and pick your favorite glass pipe from Nuggy's only in Upper Peninsula, Escanaba, Michigan.
At Nuggy's Tobacco Shack (head shop), we produce some of the finest quality glass pipes. Our glass blower strive to produce the best quality glass pipes, chilliums, custom made, ornaments and others. Nuggy's is located in the U.P. Michigan in the Great Out Doors and providing excellent products, glass and customer service here at the Best head shop in Michigan, U.P., Upper Peninsula, Escanaba.
Glass blowing is a lost art that is slowly coming back and here at Nuggy's were proud to show and sell our craftsmanship at the best head shop in Michigan. Most head shops buy there products from vendors or other glass blowers. Here at Nuggy's head shop we blow our own glass and even take special orders. Our head shop strive hard to be the best at what we do.